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Laura Marano does a leggy job hosting the Jingle Bell hotties

I figured that since we're watching Demi Lovato take over the pop music world this year and Bella Thorne knocking out the hot acting gigs that it might be advantageous to check out some of the other talent from the House of Mouse. I don't make it a habit to keep myself too heavily informed about the programming over at the Disney Channel, so I know little about "Austin & Ally," the show that...
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Vanessa & Laura Marano are among the best sisters in a collection of hotties

Well, would you look at that. A few days ago, I posted a story about Laura Marano and how adorable I thought she looked in a photoshoot for Naked Magazine. You can find it right here , but the basic point of it was how I had never heard of this girl before and her sweet face, tight lips and wide eyes just pulled me into falling in love with her very quickly. I was thrown a comment by one of...
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Green Global even adds Laura Marano to the Jailbait to Watch list

Not sure if any of you are fans of "The Sarah Silverman Project," but before being cast in the Disney Channel series, "Austin & Ally," Laura Marano was featured as the younger version of Sarah Silverman , not that after looking at these pics of the soon-to-be 18-year old (her birthday is in November of this year) at the Green Global USA 2013 Millennium Awards event suggest that she is going...
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