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Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Hottest Jessicas from Movies

Seems like there are a ton of hot Jessicas doing their hottie business out there in Hollywoodland. Why are so many famous Jessicas so hot? It's a mystery, but it does seem to be the case. Proof positive are these 6 Jessicas we got lined up for you here, all lovelies in their own rights. Check out our video tribute and see if the Jessica you had in mind made the cut. Did...
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Jessica Chastain is giggling ginger goodness in yellow at the National Board of Review Gala

I recently watched the movie LAWLESS and not for "Let's see how desperate Shia LeBeouf tries to seem as if he's a dedicated actor" laugh factor. Nah, I'm a good old fashioned female who has a thing for the super sexy Tom Hardy and doesn't mind checking out ginger goddess, Jessica Chastain wear bootleg era costumes and get naked, pressing those freckled boobies...
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