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Hottie Clip of the Day: Debbe Dunning

If anyone remembers a little dark comedy called THE MISERY BROTHERS, not only will I be surprised, but I simply won't believe you. All copies of this movie have probably been burned to ashes along a thousand other Blockbuster rental videotapes. The only thing I even remember about the movie is the luscious lawyer plated by Debbe Dunning . You may be more familiar with her as Heidi on...

Sophie Turner, something, something, ass, something, something

No clever titles required. When Sophie Turner shows up, you know what you're going to get - ass, and plenty of it. Even when she's doing the relatively mundane task of paying for parking or strolling through the park, you still get tons of ass wrapped up tight in sexy shit. Girl probably went in for her many surgeries wearing a thong and 6-inch pumps. Obvious attempts at sexual arousal...

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