Eva Longoria squeezes into her LBD for a post-Tribeca talk

While at Tribeca helping to promote her involvement in the documentary FOOD CHAINS, which delves into the world of farm labor and modern-day slavery in that regard, Eva Longoria took to the red carpets in a tight little black dress, highlighting the recent loss of her post-"Desperate Housewives" weight-gain that received a modicum of attention when Longoria apparently had the gall to wear a...

Lake Bell's A-list rack is pure art at the Whitney Museum Gala

In a world where there is a brilliantly funny and compelling actress like Lake Bell , who needs for her to have a genetically "perfect" face? I keep thinking that every time that I check Bell out at her various events and whatnot, this time her red carpet posing for the 2013 Whitney Art Gala, which she attended with her new husband, a dude who looks way too straight laced to be a tattoo...

Sandra Bullock plays hide & seek at the Hollywood Film Awards

The 17th annual Hollywood Film Awards wasn't exactly the Oscars, if you judge it based on guests like Julia Roberts accepting an award barefoot and other recipients spouting off with blue language and frank dialogue rather than ass kissing name dropping. Award winner Sandra Bullock made note of her acceptance in the industry by pointedly stating, "The Hollywood I know has allowed me to...

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