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Emily Ratajkowski dressed accordingly for the Leather & Laces mega party

Ever heard of the 13th Annual 'Leather & Laces' mega party that takes place in San Francisco? Me niether, but it's something important enough to persuade the lusty (and always chesty) Emily Ratajkowski to slip into a leather mini dress. It's worth drawing attention to the absence of bra straps; the barren bit of flesh above the borders of tit town, and the pull...
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Rachael Leigh Cook is looking very smurftastic

I couldn't help but notice these pics of Rachael Leigh Cook and her blue cleavage still hadn't been shared with the schmoes, so I figured I would do the honors. They may be a few days old, but so was that Nutter Butter I found in the couch cushions this morning, and it was still freakin' delicious. Josie left her pussycats at home, and instead brought along her puppies to the 10th Annual...
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