Blake Lively is graceful at Cannes

Have you noticed how you rarely see Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds together? They showed up together at the Met Gala the other day, but usually they're on their own. They've been married for almost two years now, which is still solidly within newlywed territory. You'd think they'd still be taking every opportunity to be with one another. Opportunities like the celebrations at the Cannes that...

Emmy Rossum's sex appeal could get any man into ballet

I'm not much of a fan of operas or ballet. I'd much rather go to an elementary school play and see all the little kids mess up their lines or pee in their costumes or start crying mid-act. It's twice as awesome knowing that their parents are catching their shortcomings on home video as it will forever be apart of their life. Bwahaha. I am, however, willing to leave all of that behind me. You...

Amber Heard shows off some serious leg at 3 Days To Kill premiere

Round these parts, a little leg goes a long way. So, these pics of Amber Heard showing off a whole lotta leg…goes a longer way? Yeah. Here's said leggage at the 3 DAYS TO KILL premiere and she's looking ridiculously beautiful right along with fiance Johnny Depp. Breaking hearts of both sexes, this spectacularly hot lady is getting married to the guy, which I don't mind saying is just a...

And my favorite Golden Globes hottie is…Amber Heard

It had to happen. There were just way too many hotties at the Golden Globe awards last evening that ignoring any and all of them was just impossible. Sure, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams were looking splendid (as always), but I figured picking one as a favorite would be a good way to sum up the day. That woman, ladies and gentlemen, is Amber Heard . Now, while she isn't my favorite...

Selena Gomez feeds Letterman a midriff/leg sandwich and it's freakin' delicious

There's a ladder of life that I like to call The Ladder of Life. Each of us has a personal one and we climb up it everyday. Unfortunately, The Ladder of Life is somewhat superficial, so every step we make up The Ladder of Life, we either get hotter or we get uglier. Now, I'm a private person and I wouldn't appreciate it very much if someone was checking up on my ladder of life, but hot damn,...

Amber Heard's one leg is hotter than most women

I'm very confused by Amber Heard these days. When I asked her if she wanted to go get a cup of coffee, she told me that she was a lesbian and wasn't interested, which is all fine and dandy, until I saw her very suspiciously holding hands with none other than Johnny Depp, who I'm more than certain has a penis. After carefully conducting some research and tests, I have concluded that this must...

The owner of the iconic leg from The Graduate poster has been revealed!

This should be an interesting tidbit of information for those of you who are fans of the timeless classic THE GRADUATE and remember watching cheesy '80's drama series on television. As you may have guessed, the iconic sexy leg featured on the nostalgic GRADUATE poster wasn't owned by Anne Bancroft, who so devilishly portrayed the seductive Mrs. Robinson in the film. The leg in that poster...

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