Natalie Portman is a golden gift

Natalie Portman is still getting the choice bank for lending her natural beauty to the likes of Dior cosmetics (btw, Dior means "golden gift" in French, thus the headline). She earns every penny too. Doesn't get much more perfect than Natalie, but there's always something I think about every time something with Natalie comes across my screen. That's how much I'd like to see her do a sequel...

Face Off: Natalie Portman vs. Amy Adams

Ya'll seemed a little confused about the task before you in last week's Face Off between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. The goal there was to decide if Tony's clear awesomeness as a guy was preferable to Pepper's clear hotness as a woman, or vice versa. The majority of you chose wisely and decided that Tony would be the better choice in that arrangement. Let's face it, the wonders available...

Natalie Portman is the prettiest flower in the bouquet

We showed you a few of these shots from Natalie Portman's Miss Dior perfume campaign awhile back, but now comes the full spread. Granted, these aren't as good as some of her other Dior ads , but they still do a good job of illustrating just how gorgeous she continues to be. I find it incredible that she's 32 this year. That's only a handful of years behind me. I don't know why that always...

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