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Jennifer Lawrence is a hooded hottie on the set of Mockingjay

It's going to take forever for the HUNGER GAMES flicks to be done with, even if they are currently filming the second part of MOCKINGJAY in Paris right now. As someone who's read the books I can tell you that there's not enough material to turn the third installment into 2 movies (there's honestly just enough for one ) but as these YA novels turned film franchises are, that last cash grab is...

Jennifer Lawrence continues her sexy, short-haired Catching Fire steak

I'm sure it's written somewhere in Jennifer Lawrence's contract that she has to attend damn near every premiere for THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE . Not that I mind at all, though. No, the more red carpets and events Jennifer has to attend to promote this thing, the more sexy/pretty/lovely/beautiful/gorgeous pictures I'll have to tend to and post up. In this case, we have Jennifer hitting...

Just another day in the Miley Cyrus short-shorts parade

When was the last time we spotted a short pair of shorts on Miley Cyrus ? I've got to really stretch my brain right now and think... it was... it was... just yesterday! . Oh Em Gee, how could I have forgotten. The girl is in Cali right now, visiting with her affianced, Liam Hemsworth, and it's been catching higher temperatures in the afternoons. Which as any good celeb knows is the time to do...

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