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Elizabeth Gillies and her boobs killed it in Killing Daddy

Fine titty owner Elizabeth Gillies was in this Lifetime movie Killing Daddy a few months back, continuing that channel's fine tradition of anti-male aggression. The movie is surprisingly on par with it's title. Elizabeth essentially spends the whole movie undertaking an unnecessarily convoluted plan to kill her father. I read a synopsis to learn that, as I wouldn't watch anything on this...

Lacey Chabert in a bikini doesn't disappoint one iota

While Jennifer Love Hewitt 's been hogging all the ratings on the Lifetime television network, her undeniable look-alike Lacey Chabert been infiltrating her territory with the original TV-movie IMAGINARY FRIEND. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I had no idea Lacey had finally gotten in front of the camera again for this gig. And not only is she the star of this feature, she slipped...

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