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Linda Cardellini is dramatically different

Linda Cardellini was at something called the Dramatically Different Party, hosted by some skin care company. It's an apropos name, as Linda is dramatically different compared to those olden days of the early 2000s. It does feel like a billion years ago sometimes, but it hasn't really been that long since she was playing Lindsay Weir on Freaks and Geeks or Nurse Taggart on ER. It wasn't hard...

I'd still freak Linda Cardellini's geek

Perhaps I should look into some more recent video games in ways other than looking up pictures of them, reading their backstories and listening to what other people tell me regarding their so-called goodness or badness. Fact is, I'm really not interested in doing so. Hell, watching "Freaks & Geeks" is still a recreational habit of mine and considering that that television program didn't last an...

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