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Play the How Drunk is Amanda Seyfried before her Letterman appearance game!

Back in April of this year, when she did an interview with Allure Magazine , it was disclosed by none other than the actress herself that she doesn't go on television interviews without a little "liquid courage." Judging by the strange poses and faces and near stumbling that Amanda Seyfried was doing outside of the Letterman studios before she was ushered in to talk about her role as Linda...
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Nothing Bazaar about Amanda Seyfried's beauty

Amanda Seyfried is doing her angelic thing for Harper's Bazaar again this month. I can never get enough of those eyes. I'm such a sucker for peepers like those. They're my weakness, apart from boobs which I hear Amanda shows quite a lot of in her biopic of Linda Lovelace. Is that thing ever going to come out? Seems like it's been going around the festival circuit for months now. I suppose...
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