The Top Ten Sexiest Hottie Movie Characters of 2014

The year has been kind when it comes to hotties in movies, but nothing makes better use of a hottie on the big screen than a great, sexy character for them to play. In 2014, we saw the return of some of our favorite comic book ladies, as well as some fresh new faces. We witnessed the return of some hotties who stepped away from film for awhile, and even saw a popular supermodel take on her...

The Top Ten Hottest Redheaded Characters

So people are bitching about how April O'Neil is a redhead and Megan Fox is playing her as a brunette in TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES , amongst all of their other gripes about the movie. (Frankly, I think her hair looks auburn, which is kinda a red hue.) So I started thinking about some of my favorite redheaded characters in movies and television. No, these aren't necessarily just redheaded...

The Top Ten Hottest French Actresses

French kisses and French ticklers and French fries, there's nothing that can't be made better simply by being French. That goes for the actresses, models and all things womanly. Some of the sexiest women on the planet come from the country of butter, cream, heavy smoking and political unrest. These are merely ten of my personal favorites. Bon appétit!

Face Off: Who Was Your Favorite Hottie of 2013?

The larger percentage of you agreed with me that Tina Fey was the fairer funny girl over competitor Christina Applegate , at least as far as it pertains to last week's Face Off . Nevermind though. Any woman who can make me laugh is just fine by me. By the looks of things it seems most of you have checked out our list of the best hotties for 2013. We, the staff here at...

Check out our newest feature, The Moviehotties 6-Pack!

Hey, guys. We got a new sumpin' sumpin' happening over on our Joblo YouTube Channel called The Moviehotties 6-Pack. This is a weekly feature where we compile a list (guess how many) of a select group of hotties who do their thing especially well. This week, we've put together a list of the Hottest Female Hunters in Movies. Check it out below! Pretty cool, huh? Does it give...

Miley Cyrus, Danielle Fishel, Arianny Celeste and other ladies attend Maxim's Hot 100 party

Okay, so I think the world has come to the mutual agreement that Maxim 's recent "Hot 100" list was about as accurate as a Stevie Wonder's toilet aim. In other words, complete bovine feces, if you will. As much of a sham as it was, I don't blame Miley Cyrus for taking the #1 spot. It wasn't her decision to make, and besides, when have these lists ever been...

What do you think of Maxim magazine's #1 choice for their Hot 100 list?

As if you didn't see this coming from lightyears away. Yep, none other than Miley Cyrus nabbed the top spot in Maxim 's annual Hot 100 list, surpassing hotties like Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez, and Kate Upton. Of course, this was probably simply Maxim 's excuse to get Miley to pose in a bikini for them. Most other girls on the list have already posed for the magazine sometime...

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