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Face Off: Abigail Breslin vs. Hailee Steinfeld

Jaimie Alexander had an ever so slight lead over Cobie Smulders in last week's Face Off , but only by one or two votes. That's not enough for a clear mandate to me, so I'm calling that one a tie. This week sees Abigail Breslin take on the role of a steadily zombifying teen daughter to a surprisingly dramatic Arnold Schwarzenegger in MAGGIE. Then next week we got Hailee Steinfeld...
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Abigail Breslin seems quite proud of her early development

Little girl no more Abigail Breslin is at TIFF this year, promoting her new movie AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY and once again demonstrating much enthusiasm for her obvious burgeoning womanhood. And there's Abigail's reaction to my old ass making less than subtle reference to her huge cleavage. Come on, it's not like we're all going to look away just because she's 6...
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Little Miss Sunshine ain't so little anymore

Alright, you may commence with the expressions of discomfort and dismay at the sight of an all growed up Abigail Breslin at this year's Teen Choice awards and Power of Youth event. I wasn't really prepared to see such a thing either, but there she is - 17-years-old and clearly quite the fetching young woman already. They gotta grow up, I suppose. It's going to happen eventually. No point in...
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