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Breathe a sigh of relief, for Miley Cyrus has recovered and is back on tour

After her brief stint in hospital following an "allergic reaction" to "antibiotics," everyone's favorite bored pop star Miley Cyrus is back on tour, showing off her non-existent ass, letting her crotch do her singing and romping with little people as part of her circus of suck road show. What the hell is happening here? I can't even break this shit down, it's...
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Miley Cyrus is just...I can't...what the...I don't know

Normally I'm content to let Miley Cyrus and her attention whoring exploits pass unremarked on. However, I think her antics at the iHeartRadio event this weekend are screaming to be addressed. I mean sticking your tongue out and being a slut on stage is one thing, but when you start sexually harassing little people and dressing them up as flowers and mushrooms as a part of your stage show,...
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