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Flashback Friday: I always watch for Samantha Mathis

It's funny how much of an influence late night cable movies have on my process of finding hotties for these flashbacks. Case in point the other night, when I caught 90s hottie Samantha Mathis in a movie from her heyday. The movie in question was a little obscure comedy called THIS IS MY LIFE, which is one of those movies I somehow always have to watch, despite having nothing at all in...
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Face Off: Ali Larter vs. Kirsten Dunst

More of you preferred Katrina Bowden over Sara Jean Underwood in last week's Face Off . I managed to avoid a tie game there, however they both nonetheless seem to do things in a similar manner and as such I usually like 'em both about the same. This week sees the opening of Clint Eastwood's musical biopic JERSEY BOYS. The boys from Jersey aren't really our thing around here, but I...
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