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The Top 10 Best Nude Scenes of 2016

Sex and nudity. In most cases neither are necessary for a satisfying moviegoing experience; you could look at their inclusion as an extra added bonus. They do, however, have the ability to make a bad movie tolerable and a decent movie better. I know there's plenty of movie fans who've heard this one: "Yeah, the movie sucked but at least we got to see so-and-so's tits" and it's in that spirit...
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Face Off: Lizzy Caplan vs. Gillian Jacobs

What's this? Everyone agreeing with me about Carla Gugino defeating Rachel Weisz in a Face Off ? That's a little weird. I'm not used to having a near unanimous agreement with one of my choices here. But then I suppose the laws of probability make such a thing inevitable at some point. And Carla is a powerful hot woman. Hard to deny that. This week sees the premiere of the new...
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Top 6 Sex Scene Hotties (video)

What's better than a hottie in normal, everyday life? Probably a hottie in a bikini. What's better than that? Hotties naked. And even better than that? Hotties doin' it. Yep, it's the ultimate vicarious thrill. Here are 6 such fine females of the screen who do a particularly good job at simulating what the sexy time with them might look like. See who made the cut below....
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Lizzy Caplan wears a see-through lace dress for Lula & we're all winners

Those great big eyes of Lizzy Caplan's hold my attention nearly as well as that beautiful rack of hers that she loves to show off, which is quite a feat. Not to be confused with fete, although I definitely love to celebrate this wry, charming actress whenever I get the chance. And we're all going to get the chance to check out Lizzy as she steps into the role of Lula for the upcoming NOW...
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BOTB Cloverfield: Jessica Lucas vs Lizzy Caplan vs Odette Yustman

I didn't know what to expect with last week's Battle but it appears you all have strong opinions when it comes to the ladies of London. Sure, Hayley Atwell won by a freakin' boobslide, but there was plenty of love thrown out for Daisy Ridley and Emilia Clarke as well. Sort of how LONDON HAS FALLEN did against ZOOTOPIA at the box office. This week we have Mary Elizabeth Winstead being...
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Lizzy Caplan slightly see-thru at The Night Before premiere

Throughout the first three seasons of Masters of Sex, Lizzy Caplan has bestowed upon the world an abundance of her naked self engaging in self stimulation, coitus with questionable partners and a very frank vocabulary used to explore the human sexual condition. So much so, I feel indebted to her for the willingness and unflinching approach in preserving her breathtaking anatomy in the form...
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I always enjoy it when Lizzy Caplan shows her LadyGunns

Lizzy Caplan has a spread in the rather provocatively-sounding Ladygunns magazine, looking beautiful with just a hint of sexy. I started out rather concerned with how things were progressing on Lizzy's show Masters of Sex this season. A troubling amount of scenes kept passing by without even the slightest hint of any Lizzy nudity in episode after episode. A disturbing thing, considering...
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Lizzy Caplan - boobs and belly for ratings; that'll do it

Ah Lizzy Caplan - one of the boldest, flesh baring babes to ever grace premium cable. When you're not busy being analytical about genitalia, sexual positioning and auto manipulation (that's stroking it to the layman), you're attending promotional events like these to ensure no one misses a minute of your sexual enlightened persona on Showtime's Masters of Sex ....
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Lizzy Caplan's Playboy spread is a huge missed opportunity

In the July/August 2015 issue of Playboy magazine, "Masters of Sex" star Lizzy Caplan is given the 20 questions treatment for their long-running series of interviews with topical celebrities. Famous actresses have appeared in the pages of the popular men's magazine for years now and we're used to those who've appeared not getting interviews and those being interviewed...
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Movie Hotties 6-Pack returns! Here are the six best hottie assemblages

What's better than a gorgeous, sexy woman? A whole bunch of gorgeous, sexy women! And that's what we got for you today with the return of The Movie Hotties 6-Pack! Our man Jason Dean counts down six of the hottest hotties ever to assemble themselves together on a big screen. That's a lot of fine ass women right there. Check out who made the list below. Can you think of...
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The Top 25 Hottest Hotties of 2014! Now with Video!

Well, it's been another great year for the lovely, talented, sultry, beautiful, sexy, and knockout babes that grace the big screen, the small screen, the stage, and the photo spread. These glorious goddesses inspire us, tempt us, and sweep us off our feet by gracing us with their presence in any number of projects, leaving us with a smoking trail of hotness that we would follow to the ends of...
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The Top Ten Memorable Hottie Moments of 2014

Every year brings its own distinct mix of world class hotties doing their sexy thing in movies, on TV, in magazines, or just while out and about with the rest of us plebs. 2014 was no different in that respect, except maybe for the outstanding quantity and quality of these great hottie moments. During a year when everything was turning to shit, these 10 moments were a reminder that good things...
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