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Something about alien invasions makes Amy Adams want to bring the boobage

Amy Adams continues her cleavage world tour in support of her movie ARRIVAL, this time rocking the serious sideboob for the Brits at the London Film Festival screening of her new sci-fi thriller. I don't recall ever seeing Amy so boob happy before. It could be her excitement over her movie parlayed into sexy displays for you and me. Or maybe she's just excited at the prospect of holding...
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Face Off: Amy Adams vs. Jessica Chastain

Most of us agreed on Zoey Deutch as the more impressive hottie comapred to Emma Roberts in last week's Face Off . Sounds about right to me. Yet as one person said, a 20-something Lea Thompson blows them both out of the water. We just saw Amy Adams' big BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN release, which most people seem to think went terribly awry, despite clearing $700 mil already. It's...
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Hottie Clip: Erica Durance on Smallville

Before the Marvel universe began taking over our television sets, and the singing WB frog finally croaked, there was Smallville . This was during a transitional period where someone could mutter the names "Batman" or "Superman" without a dark cloud forming above them. With the somewhat "disappointing" feedback coming out in regards to...
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Amy Adams sits for a few Super sweet portraits

Yesterday we saw Gal Gadot's press portraits while doing the whole Q&A thing for BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN. Now it's Amy Adams' turn to have her every move documented while answering questions. I'm thankful for their sensitivity with these portrait pics. Sometimes they like to post every weird, out of context face the subject makes while musing on their latest project. These maintain Amy's...
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Amy Adams is a red hot redhead in GQ

Seems like part 1 of the overall strategy to get Amy Adams back into center stage is a flurry of magazine spreads featuring the redhead sweetheart making all sexy. Her new GQ spread exemplifies how well this strategy is working thus far. I look forward to the day when phase two begins and Amy is up on a movie screen where she belongs. We're gonna get that soon enough when BATMAN VS....
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BOTB Lois Lane Edition: Amy Adams vs Erica Durance vs Stana Katic

Last week it wasn't a huge surprise that you voted Kate Beckinsale's Selene your favorite vampire babe. At this point in the game, it's near impossible for anyone to beat Becks, even with the stiffy-inducing competition such as Bellucci and Liu. This week, I wanted to semi-touch all the Gotham show casting talk that's been going down, even if it's revolved around the dudes so far. The...
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Face Off: Diane Lane vs. Amy Adams

Pretty clear win for Alison Brie over Gillian Jacobs in last week's Face Off . Can't say I'm all that surprised. With the following that girl has, she could start her own religion. Brieism. Alisonity. There's a faith we can all believe in. Only 4 days til MAN OF STEEL comes out. I'm sure many of you are looking forward to that. Apart from being about Superman, which is pretty good...
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Amy Adams gets a little nipply for Elle

Amy Adams is doing a little nipple peeking in the July edition of Elle UK, getting all friendly and understanding with her fellow gingers in the land of shamrocks and shillelaghs. Amy's fortunate in that she's got the cool form of gingerism that grants her a natural longevity, making her look like she's in her 20's when she's almost 40. Some gingers get the bad version and age way too...
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