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Leighton Meester brought her new MILF hotness out of hiding

The last time we featured a post about Leighton Meester was in March of 2015, after she had previously appeared regularly during her time on Gossip Girl . Leighton gave one of my favorite performances as the maniacal SINGLE WHITE FEMALE wannabe in the awesomely awful 2011 feature, THE ROOMMATE. But after getting married to The OC star Adam Brody, Meester seemed to hightail it from the...
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Kate Beckinsale's simple elegance wowed at the London Critics Circle

Leave it to Kate Beckinsale to wear a kimono-style dress that's essentially just a fancy muumuu robe and still look like a million bucks. For the 2017 London Critics Circle Film Festival, the UNDERWORLD star showed off some tanned cleavage and a bit of leg while she smiled for the cameras, soaking up the love that people have for her even if they can't be bothered to spend much money going...
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Demi Lovato is your new pretty in pink Smurfette

I am really digging this long, straightened hair on Demi Lovato here at the photocall for SMURFS: THE LOST VILLAGE . She sure looks a helluva lot less enthusiastic than I would getting to stand next to Joe Manganiello, but I guess when you're as deep in the hot dudes as she is, that sort of thing would be no big. The newest Smurf movie will have Demi stepping into Katy Perry's high heels...
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Eva Longoria packs it in tight for the FIFA boys

I watch so much stand up comedy that I've forgotten which comic was the one who made the greatest joke about Americans naming football "Football" even though it's played with your hands and soccer "Soccer" because what do you have on your feet? Socks? OK, Soccer. While the rest of the world seems to understand better than us Yanks that "football" is really soccer, the one thing I think we can...
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UK reality babe Ashleigh Defty deftly works the pool in a metallic bikini

Why is it that when MTV decides to produce a reality show in the US, it's all emotionally disturbed pregnant teens and gross orange chicks from New Jersey and when they come up with shit like Ex on the Beach for the British crowd, it's hot chicks like Ashleigh Defty ? Shit, I wish I had heard of this chick or that she got the kind of crazy coverage that Ashley James and her bikini vacations...
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Kara Del Toro smuggled in a couple of stowaways at the Passengers premiere

I cannot keep up with these Instagram models for the life of me. I used to think that maybe Kara Del Toro was a long-lost relative of Benicio, perhaps a cousin or half-sister or foster child riding his coattails. But it seems that she's really just another one of the beautiful people who has made a life out of taking pictures of herself for social media and making her own mark with Carl's Jr...
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Jennifer Lawrence lights up Madrid with her radiance for Passengers promo

I don't think there are enough words to convey what a luminescent presence Jennifer Lawrence is. Sure, she's known to make goofy faces or try to ugly-up her expressions because on top of being breathtakingly beautiful, she's also a super fun chick with a great personality and a wicked sense of humour. The only person who could possibly top her on that factor is her PASSENGERS co-star,...
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We should campaign to get Katy Perry into more tight t-shirts

She's had blue hair and green hair and rubber dresses and funky shoes, probably doing more with her image while still keeping a running theme, but it's the long black hair, dramatic classic colored makeup that I prefer best on Katy Perry . The look that the singer was rocking when she and fellow pop singer, Miley Cyrus visited the campus at the University of Las Vegas this past weekend was...
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Emma Roberts in spandex will give your eyeballs a good workout

Scream Queens hottie Emma Roberts will be struggling with the fate of Chad Radwell, her on-screen beau, this week but it appears as if she's made amends once more with her off-screen sweetie, Evan Peters. The two have famously been on-and-off-again since they first got together back in 2012, even gaining some negative press when Roberts was arrested for domestic abuse back in 2013 (the...
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It was Jessica Biel's turn to bring sexy back at Book of Love premiere

That movie that Jessica Biel was filming while she was pregnant with her son Silas is finally getting a release date, although we regular people aren't supposed to be seeing it until January. Originally titled THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA, I guess execs considered that to be too depressing and redubbed it THE BOOK OF LOVE, which might not convey what the movie is about - a dude with a...
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Lindsey Vonn brought extra booty to the set of Extra

I honestly wouldn't mind if Lindsey Vonn decided to never stop this promotional tour she's doing for her new book, Strong is Beautiful if it meant that we'd get a chance to ogle her caboose. In the latest booty appearance, Linds took to the Extra stage to get interviewed by vampire Mario Lopez and giggle at his lame questions. Hey, it's all for the sake of a sale and I...
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Lindsey Vonn keeps it going with a thigh high booted appearance at Colbert

Lindsey Vonn certainly did go from pretty athlete to blazing hot celebrity stunner recently, didn't she? There was that tight two piece earlier this week, right after she released some nude images from her upcoming Strong is Beautiful book , which will give a motivational kick in our far more flabby rears to get our shit together. This time Linds put on a short dress and some thigh high...
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