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Gal Gadot was glowing at a LA screening of Keeping Up With the Joneses

The reviews are coming in for KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES and things aren't looking so great for Gal Gadot and the rest of the gang. While we have yet to post our review of but the LA Times is calling the movie "wildly uneven" and "shoddily schlocky" while criticizing that it's hard to tell that this is directed by the same guy who gave us SUPERBAD and ADVENTURELAND. All of which...
3 days ago
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Emma Roberts in spandex will give your eyeballs a good workout

Scream Queens hottie Emma Roberts will be struggling with the fate of Chad Radwell, her on-screen beau, this week but it appears as if she's made amends once more with her off-screen sweetie, Evan Peters. The two have famously been on-and-off-again since they first got together back in 2012, even gaining some negative press when Roberts was arrested for domestic abuse back in 2013 (the...
6 days ago
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Dakota Fanning was a tangerine dream at American Pastoral's LA premiere

Well, hello again Dakota Fanning ! It sure is nice to see such a big, happy smile on the elder Fanning sister's face as she does red carpet duty in Los Angeles for the premiere of AMERICAN PASTORAL , her latest movie, co-starring Ewan McGregor and Jennifer Connelly. Dakota isn't done for the year, though, with VIENA AND THE FANTOMES hopefully creaking out before 2016 comes to a wrap, but...
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Emma Roberts & Lea Michele were all smiles at Scream Queens press conference

I have been so happy with the way this second season of Scream Queens is rolling out that I was fairly pissed when they put off the third episode for that far scarier thing with that far creepier villain (you do your own MadLibs on that one). After unveiling what's been going on with Dean Munsch's new role as a wealthy writer with aspirations (& delusions) of grandeur at her "we'll fix the...
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Kendra Wilkinson joins Amber Rose's Slutwalk movement in lace & cutoffs

Last week, my co-worker Droz asked the question, "What does a long haired Amber Rose do for you?" . The answer, for me, is: not much. I actually love Amber exactly as she usually is, with that shaved head and exaggerated curves and melodic quality when she speaks to express herself. (OK, I lied. She looked f*cking awesome with the hair too.) While not many people will quite...
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Renee Olstead is the queen of va-va-voom in a slinky red dress

I know at some point Renee Olstead was a little bit thicker than she is today, something that I attributed to her being a teenager who grew into some impressive curves while she was working on "The Secret Life of the American Teenager." So I guess it shouldn't be surprising to me that she would be at the launch of an "inclusive" fashion line, started by one of Kylie Jenner's buddies, a...
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Legs lovers rejoice, Rachel McCord took her stunning stems for a spin in LA

I think Rachel McCord is hoping to drum up some business. We keep seeing these supposed "candid" shots of her as she goes for a run on the beach or takes a walk into the Angeleno hotel for a "business meeting" but I'm thinking it's all just a ruse to make sure her image gets out there. So far her acting resume only includes bit parts in movies that her sister, AnnaLynne McCord was in, so it...
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Crystal Reed wears the hell out of a tank top in Los Angeles

Crystal Reed is definitely someone I thought would've been better off when 2016 rolled around. Back in 2010 when I cringed through SKYLINE, I figured the number one thing to come out of that so-bad-it's-still-not-very-good movie would be a huge career for this intoxicatingly lovely brunette. And it seemed as if it might be headed in that direction when Crystal went from minor roles in indie...
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Los Angeles is ruining Sophie Turner

Thanks a lot, Los Angeles. You seem to have completely obliterated the Sansa Stark version of Sophie Turner . Gone are those soft curves, replaced by the too-skinny limbs of most boring cookie-cutter Hollywood starlets. Gone is that natural, brilliant red hair of hers, replaced with a bleached blonde dried out mess for the role of Josie in next year's HUNTSVILLE. She's even shopping and...
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Heather Morris was one hot fox at the War Dogs premiere

Heather Morris was one of the few that came from the show "Glee," who almost got me to watch the show more than once. Sure, Dianna Agron was agonizingly beautiful and sure, Jane Lynch is a goofy gal who has made that obnoxious older chick her shtick but Morris has one of my big caveats - she's a professional dancer. I love ladies who have that long, lean, dancer look. It's part of the...
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Sexy sightings of Emily Ratajkowski will have everyone moving to LA

If you're going to get people to remember how to spell your difficult last name, you better be as hot as Emily Ratajkowski . As someone who lives in California, I can tell you that we have a bunch of silly "Visit California" adverts where various people known for being from California make flippant comments at the camera while standing in front of the ocean or on a golf course or just one of...
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If Katharine McPhee followed you home, would you keep her?

Easily one of the best pickup lines I've ever heard was the utterance of, "If I followed you home, would you keep me?" and while I might have answered no back then, I can guarantee you if Katharine McPhee had proposed the same thing, I would have jumped at the opportunity to adopt. Considering that she's now newly single after breaking up with her "Scorpion" co-star boyfriend, Elyes Gabel,...
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