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Kendall Jenner is in lingerie and getting spanked by Santa Clause

Well, something like this was bound to happen. When you have an upbringing and a family like the the one Kendall Jenner happened to be blessed with, there's a proven statistical possibility that pictures of you in revealing lingerie being spanked by Santa Clause may very well happen. With Christmas slowly creeping upon us with every passing day, the inevitable happened and Kendall...

Amy Adams almost naked and wet will have you falling in love

I don't do too much reading, but I gotta give it up to these magazine folks. Not only do they have awesome ads to look at when I get bored of reading silly words, but they have to be the definitive source of some of the sexiest pictures that are available to the general public, you know? The latest case is something called Love magazine with the absolutely lovely Amy Adams . The...

Love Magazine #9 tries to drown Chloe Moretz

It'll be two more years and about a week and a half until KICK-ASS darling Chloe Grace Moretz (help me out here, I keep seeing her name in magazines and such listed without the "Grace" but according to her official profile at sites like IMDB, she's still listed as CGM in full) turns 18 years old, but the media sure is having fun with the precocious teen in the interim. Moretz keeps working,...

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