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Bikini Queen Katie Cassidy returns to Miami beaches

I had to go back and count how many times we've posted pictures of Katie Cassidy on the beach in Miami over the past few years and I'm sure you're not surprised that it's now in the double digits. Cassidy's second home is practically Miami beach, although she also admitted that she'd sold her home in Los Angeles and moved to Vancouver because of all the time she spends filming her WB shows...
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Rihanna gives everybody a whiff of her stank at New York launch event

The ubiquitous self promoter Rihanna showed up at Macy's New York yesterday to flog her bottled aroma Ri Ri. She did this dressed like one of those cream filled snacks Nicholas Cage would give to his fellow inmate in Con Air . Maybe it's the outfit, but it looks like she's filling out a little bit - and you know what - I dig it. The global fragrance industry picks the...
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Selena Gomez reminds us that it's gonna be hot this Fourth of July

Nothing really says "AMURRICAH!" more than a former Disney star strutting around in a bra and singing shitty pop music. To her credit, though, she is looking ridiculously hot and if I ever have the option of going to a Selena Gomez concert and get a little apprehensive in the process, I can just remember these pictures and how I felt realizing that chemistry actually...
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