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BOTB Bald Hotties: Charlize Theron vs Karen Gillan vs Sigourney Weaver

Since last week's battle went to Natalie Portman for hottest dancer of the three featured (that's without my tabulating our MovieHotties Facebook page responses that favored Jessica Alba), I figured that you would try to not riot when I don't include her in this week's battle, even though she's very well known for shaving her dome in V FOR VENDETTA. Instead, let's take a look at a...

Charlize Theron is going to be a mismatch with most folks

Charlize Theron and her current beau Sean Penn have made their relationship public in recent months. Theirs is yet another pairing for which Sean looks totally unsuited to me. It was the same thing with Scarlett Johansson a few years back and pretty much every hottie he's been with going all the way back to Madonna . Dude just doesn't seem like the sort to be pulling in babes like...

Flashback Friday: It's 20-something Charlize Theron on the cusp of superstardom

Somebody mentioned how great young Charlize Theron was the other day in a reply to an article we posted. What an interesting coincidence that shortly thereafter I ran across this cache of tasty, young Charlize photos from back in the day. These look to be from around her DEVIL'S ADVOCATE period, back when she was still that untouched beauty from South Africa just stunning in every...

What's all the buzz with Charlize Theron?

Charlize Theron went to the movies the other day with the severe buzz cut she's been sporting for the last month. Shaved heads appear to be the career dedication du jour lately for serious Hollywood actresses devoting themselves to their craft. Charlize did this clear cutting of her scalp for her role in the long, long delayed next iteration of the next MAD MAX movie FURY ROAD, which has...

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