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Emma Miller is the UK's latest version of Megan Fox

How many of these "Made in Chelsea" chicks are there? We're well acquainted with one of the blondes, Kimberley Garner, who gets featured on this site because she's a cute petite hottie but now there's a new member of the UK's popular reality show in the form of luscious lipped Emma Miller who looks like a Megan Fox if you caught her in the middle of being that natural babe she once was and...

Kimberley Garner in gym attire is kinda perfection

While those tight black yoga/stretch pants falling off her ass might not have been the most functional of choices to wear to the gym, "Made in Chelsea" TV star slash model Kimberley Garner doesn't need to worry about how much she'll be sweating when she's gaining the attention of British paparazzi. For such a petite blonde, it's pretty hard to argue that Garner's body is anything less than...

Kimberley Garner is the best physical selling argument for a Mini

Petite little "Made in Chelsea" star Kimberley Garner made it out for the event that introduced the new Mini Cooper at The Old Sorting Office in London this past Monday night, with her nice set of wheels stemming out from her short little skirt. Wearing thigh-high FM boots and in general looking like the hot young 23-year old model that she is, Garner was seen alongside other British...

Kimberly Garner flashes her sideboob and a fair amount of skin at We're the Miller's London premiere

Woah. I've never heard of this Kimberly Garner gal before, but seeing her pictures at the WE'RE THE MILLERS premiere in London, she instantly caught my eye and stole my heart. This means trouble, though. That face and look in her eyes gives me the impression that she's a little wild one and my falling for her is only going to hurt me in the end. Apparently, Kimberly is a...

UK Z-lister, Kimberley Garner, has got some mighty nice shells on her hands

This Kimberley Garner chick has appeared on something called "Made in Chelsea," which by all innocent appearances I guess I can write off as being a UK reality show. She's now running around doing modeling shoots for bikinis (you can track her on Twitter if you care to) and the tabloids over the pond (or perhaps you're already there, since I understand that our readership is not exclusive...

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