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Ads for Maggie Q's "Nikita" get banned for being too saucy

Sheesh, some people are impossible prudes that cannot handle the power of Maggie Q 's hotness. Billboards promoting Nikita, Maggie's new show about a sexy woman kicking ass has been causing a little controversy because they're " too sexy and too fiery ". Causing some malls and shopping centers to refuse putting up the ads in fear of offending people. Seriosly? How can a hot chick like...

Screencaps: Operation Endgame

Operation Endgame Such a strange movie. Not so much in theme or the fact that it's funny and disturbing at the same time but because it made me want to bang Ellen Barkin. Odette Yustman might be the hottest woman alive but she really needs to work on her fight choreography. Maggie Q needs to eat a little more and Emilie de Ravin is cute, even when she's covered in blood. Fact.

Lyndsy Fonseca at the EW Syfy party in San Diego

I cannot for the life of me understand people who spell their kid's names f*cked up. I'm not talking about alternative spellings where you have some clue as to "No, it's not Rebecca with the C's it's Rebekah with the 'k-a-h'." I especially don't understand it if your kid wants to go into a high profile career like acting, where people need to have some clue as to how to spell their name if they...

COMIC CON: Maggie Q takes hotness to the max for PRIEST and NIKITA!

Greetings comic book enthusiasts and movie lovers! Welcome to the annual coverage of the 2010 COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL . For the past few years now, I've enjoyed bringing our fans and visitors only the best in sexy photos of attending actresses as well as up-to-date information of what's going on at the panels along with our staff on-location. This year...

Maggie Q breaks out the sexy action hotness in Nikita promo pics

While I firmly believe that Timothy Olyphant can pretty much do no wrong, I still say that he was poorly cast in LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD. Maggie Q , on the other hand, ended up being probably the thing that I liked most about the film. The chick is wound tight and can carry off her action scenes as if they're money in the bank and she's taking that demeanor to head a new version of the old story...

Hottie Clip #507

Maggie Q's Sexy See-Through Attire - "DECEPTION" Click here to check out all the previous "Hottie Clips of the Day"!

Q Works Her Cleav

I love it when a woman with an adequate upper deck finds just the right dress to press all of the breasticle flesh up into some luscious looking faux cleavage. Maggie Q was definitely rocking that look in royal blue while at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2010 in NYC. It's times like this that I find myself in love with fashion week, the time when New York tries to convince the world that...

Maggie In Sept

There isn't nearly enough Maggie Q in the world. That's why I'm glad that the actress showed up to the premiere of the documentary THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE which chronicles the making of an issue of Vogue from 2007 that was the largest in the magazine's history. (The issue featured My Mark's favorite girl, Sienna Miller, on the cover.) I'm normally into documentaries if they can teach me something...

Battle of the Babes #60

Forget about the good girls for a minute. While it's great to get that role where you stand valiantly by your man's side as he gets the main focus of the film why not play the chick who backs up the guy who otherwise would just get his ass kicked faster than the snap of two fingers? I like pretty chicks who do most of the ass kicking, even if it is as a henchwoman....

Q: Where's the T?

I think Maggie Q is one hot, ass-kicking action babe. But I must ask, after looking at these images of her at the Genesis Awards... where are the bewbs? She needs to smile. There are always plastic surgeons who can fix this inverted breast problem. And then there are the itty-bitty titty lovers out there in the world. Plus, I respect her as an actress. OK, maybe I should just...

Hottie Clip #306

Maggie Q Wearing Sexy Lingerie - "DECEPTION"

3 Looks: Rachel Bilson

Well what can be said about Rachel Bilson that you don't already know? This chick is cute as a basket of kittens. If the basket had a great set of cans and a beautiful smile, at least. We fell in love with her in The O.C. but she's continued - in spite of playing the same chick pretty much over and over - to keep up the cutesie act through shitty Zach Braff movies and Doug Liman flops....

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