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The Bikini Roundup - June 2014

Man, it's getting hot out there, both in terms of temperature and the number of hotties hitting the beaches in bikinis. We got close to 40 of these lovely ladies in all manner of the world's best beach wear and in all kinds of shapes and sizes. So do enjoy this little retrospective featuring some of June's best bikini moments. I can't wait to see what July brings!...

The Bikini Roundup - May 2014

We here at Movie Hotties like to take a little time at the beginning of each month in this late spring and summer period, to showcase some of the fine celeb hotties who have taken to the beaches and resorts and poolsides of the world in the previous month. These are the hotties who wore that greatest of all beach wear, namely the bikini, yet perhaps aren't as famous as some of the other...

Model Malena Costa pays homage to famous scenes of hotties in bikinis

Well, this is pretty damn cool. It looks like the fine folks at GQ Spain have gotten ridiculously hot model Malena Costa and paid homage to sexy bikini moments in movie history. We've got Halle Berry from DIE ANOTHER DAY , Sue Lyon from LOLITA , Raquel Welch from ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. , Jessica Alba from INTO THE BLUE and finally Bo Derek from 10 . These are all definitely...

Flexible model alert! Malena Costa does some pokey-filled yoga moves

I had to look this chick up to make sure that I wasn't posting pictures of an under 18-year old model, but it seems that Malena Costa is a healthy 23-years old and quite good at "casually" posing in yoga positions. Granted, I also figured out that these images are old (they were originally posted sometime back in May her own site) but I thought - what the hell! The girl looks better, fitter,...

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