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Comic Book Movie Hotties Tribute Video!

As the  results of the 2016 Summer box office have recently indicated, superheroes in film ain't goin' anywhere. This is hardly shocking news, even if we've seen certain caped crusaders go through a bit of a rough patch this year. Still, superheroes and supervillains taking over the big screen is a dream for the vast majority of movie goers....
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Margot Robbie brings her Seppuku Squad to Japan

By now most of us have had some time to reach a conclusion on SUICIDE SQUAD. I've seen it a couple times, giving it probably way more thought and consideration than it deserves. Unfortunately, I didn't like it much the first time I saw it and things didn't improve any the second time. As many have said, there is a good movie in there somewhere. It's just gotten mucked up in the editing room....
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Marry/Date/Friend: Emma Stone vs Jennifer Lawrence vs Margot Robbie

When stuck in a social situation where interaction requires more of me than staring at my mobile device, scrolling through my accounts and sharing witty observations about life or photographs of the food I'm about to consume, I often resort to playing the more sexist, violent version of this game. I can't be the only degenerate who has ticked off three different individuals, daring...
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Margot Robbie is our Hottie of the Month for August 2016! (video)

There's no clowning around when it comes to our latest Hottie of the Month, which happens to be Australian beauty Margot Robbie . In just a few short years, Margot has managed to become one of our favorite big screen presences of all time, and it's no big secret why. Of course, she snagged one hell of a breakout role in Scorsese's drug-and-sex-fueled THE WOLF OF WALL...
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Margot Robbie looked rawr-some at Suicide Squad's London premiere

Hot damn, did the cast of SUICIDE SQUAD look good meeting up with the superheroes from THE JUSTICE LEAGUE for the London premiere of the anti-heros flick. With the good guys currently filming in England and the whole shebang being a DC production, of course it was going to be a given that Batfleck at the gang would show up to support the bad guys. Then again, I'm having a hard time...
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Margot Robbie made NYC her catwalk, was a shiny unicorn at movie premiere

I have to wonder how much of what Margot Robbie was photographed in this week while she was busy promoting SUICIDE SQUAD would have been choices selected from her own closet. I get the impression that Margot is probably even more laid back than the catwalk couture she was wearing while entering and exiting her hotel as well as those stops by Fallon & Kelly. With that insane bone...
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Face Off: Margot Robbie vs. Morena Baccarin

Even though I went with Mila Kunis , ya'll made sure Kristen Bell had the clear win in last week's Face Off . Kristen is a cutie, but I'm content to be all about Mila. It's a history thing. Well, this is the big week when we find out if all the months of speculation and anticipation about SUICIDE SQUAD have been worth our time. I've got my fingers crossed. For some reason I have...
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Margot Robbie wipes out in spectacular style while getting her Gidget on

Just call her Gnarly Quinn! Margot Robbie is making the most of her Hawaii vacation, tackling surfing before she has to hit the red carpet to promote the premiere of SUICIDE SQUAD in a couple of weeks. Leave it to Robbie to wipe out with style, looking fit and fabulous in that simple white one-piece. I know some people were commenting that she was looking thicker through the waist in that...
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Margot Robbie enjoys Hawaii and we enjoy her in a bikini

Margot Robbie has to feel like the Queen of Summer 2016 right now. Not only is her movie THE LEGEND OF TARZAN doing quite well at the box office, she's about to open the biggest supervillain movie in a couple of weeks when SUICIDE SQUAD drops on August 5th. I know I'm going crazy waiting to see the film, although I'm not as crazy about her man-bun boyfriend getting to hog all of her...
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Margot Robbie does her best to look happy about being in China

Not that there's anything necessarily wrong with being in China. It's just that when you were just in London a few days before like Margot Robbie was, and now have to cross 2 continents and pretend to be excited for a sinking ship of a movie - one's excitement level can start to get a little frayed. Thus the rather forced look of pleasure on Margot's face as she sells her TARZAN movie to...
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Top 6 Hotties With Dirty Mouths (video)

Does anyone really care anymore if a hottie has a filthy mouth? A woman who can cuss just as well as a guy is kind of a charming quality. You don't have to handle her with kid gloves. She can hold her own. Here are 6 such dirty mouth hotties from movies. Try not to fall in love with one or all of them. What other foul-mouthed hotties still sound pretty good to you?...
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Margot Robbie's Vanity Fair spread helps us celebrate bikini day right

Today is the official bikini day, but really every day is bikini day around here. It's our favorite beach attire by far and Margot Robbie is one of our favorite hotties. How nice that two of our favorite things should come together in the pages of Vanity Fair this month. Obviously this spread is gonna help Margot promote her movies. There's this TARZAN thing no one cares about, and most...
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