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All the best hotties showed up for the xXx Hollywood premiere

Vin Diesel's return to the xXx franchise seems to be eliciting a lot of excitement. It's funny how putting that guy together with crazy stunts and fast cars always buries the box office in green. Maybe even more exciting is the lineup of hotties they've put together for this thing, most of whom were in attendance for the big LA premiere of xXx: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE. Some of the hottest...
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All the rest of the finest hotties from this year's Golden Globes

Well, maybe not ALL of them, but certainly some of the standout hotties who graced the red carpets and after parties looking their tastiest. It's amazing how quickly we go from holidays to award season. It happens at about the same time every year, but somehow it always surprises me. I guess I need a little bit of a breather between noting holiday hotties and award show hotties. It doesn't...
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Enjoy Maria Menounos in a bikini before putting down 2016 for good

I know many of you will join me in giving a heartfelt "f*ck you" to this f*cking year come Saturday night. Yet as welcome a passing as this year will be, you know what they say about a wounded animal - that's when they're the most dangerous. So as 2016 begins to take its well overdue last gasps, I'm gonna be siding with caution and staying home for the New Year festivities. If any shit is...
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Maria Menounos kindly shared some of her Whitehaven bikini getaway pics

To say Maria Menounos should be releasing bikini selfies on a biweekly basis is stated the obvious, but that's not the same as being immaterial. It needs to be said, relentlessly, repeatedly; until you can't do a Google search using the keyword "bikini" without Maria Menounos and her latest social media post being the top hit. Has there ever been a hotter spokes...
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Maria Menounos + Tight Leather + High Slits = Awesome

Maria Menounos was on hand for the premiere of the new season of Netflix's new show Narcos , wearing herself a sexy little leather number with the high slit up the middle, putting us mere inches away from paradise. The chief claim to fame I most often associate with Maria is her legendary ass. The next entry on Maria's list tends to fluctuate. It used to be her time as a presenter on...
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Who wouldn't want to go a few rounds with Maria Menounos?

An effective move in mixed martial arts is called a Mount. A compromising spot to find yourself in, defined by as a ground position where a competitor is on top of her opponent with her legs around the opponent’s body. The opponent is on his back, and the competitor is facing him, driving her hips forward to maintain pressure. People who are competing may...
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Maria Menounos took the booty out to play in Las Vegas

When you're Jennifer Lopez, your famous butt brings all the other butts to the yard and if there's one out there which might have the slimmest chance of besting Jenny's, it's that of Maria Menounos . The former "Extra" correspondent was in Las Vegas over the weekend for JLo's 47th birthday bash, rubbing cheeks with other posterior-ally blessed ladies in one of those press line-ups that only...
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Maria Menounos continues to be a Healthy woman

How many covers has Maria Menounos done for Health magazine now? Seems like dozens. Yes, she is a healthy person. Such has been the case since before anyone knew who Maria Menounos was. With this established, I have to discuss the elephant in the room, or more specifically, the elephant not in the room. I get how the women in these spreads probably have some input in the themes and shots...
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Maria Menounos gets upfront with her outback

Something magical transpires when Maria Menounos and something tight and white get together like they were at the NBC Upfront event. After all these years, she's still top of the heap where ass shows go. All those great moments have endeared her curvaceous figure to many of us. It's this kind of special relationship which makes me nervous about her recent attempt at having a kid. I...
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BOTB Greek Babes: Mena Suvari vs Maria Menounos vs Tiffani Thiessen

It was Elizabeth Gillies who ended up victorious in our battle of the "Victorious" babes last week, showing up Justice, who was a close second and Grande, who still has a lot of fans. For those of us who aren't all about the comic book movies, there are a few other options opening up at the theaters this weekend, including MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 2 , which just makes me think of hot...
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Maria Menounos talked healthy food, showed off her taut tummy at AOL

After dating the guy for nearly 19 years, Maria Menounos found herself getting proposed to during an interview with Howard Stern on his Sirius radio show this Wednesday. If we're to believe that she's only 37-years old that means the Italian locked down her hot ass when she was only 18-years old. Some reports have suggested that her strict Greek family disowned her (for a brief time)...
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Hail Booty! Maria Menounous wears a split legged pantsuit for red carpet premiere

I'm not sure whether or not to thank the designer of this odd split legged pantsuit that Maria Menounos wore to the Los Angeles premiere of HAIL, CAESAR! , the latest offering from the Coen Brothers. On one hand, the pantsuit fits tremendously well, hugging that famous badonkadonk of Maria's. On the other hand, it confused the hell out of me with the thigh high splits, mainly because I was...
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