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Mariah Carey's body is in Wonderland and new album cover

There was a time in my life when a new album from Mariah Carey would have me jumping on the bed with joy and anticipation. Not because she has the lovely singing voice of a pterodactyl, mind you, but because of how incredibly hot she looked in her music videos. I have entire recordable VHS tapes dedicated to Mariah and her slow-motion goodness. Nowadays, I don't even look twice, but the name...

Mariah Carey's boobs perform at the BET Honors

It seems as if Mariah Carey has been around forever and yet it's also hard to believe that the diva will be turning 44-years old this upcoming March. I don't know if it's because she has the baby voice or the mentality of a demented middle school girl with daddy issues, but Mariah and her bucket full of crazy have always been a point of interest for me. Well, the crazy more than the career,...

Poorly lit album covers make Mariah Carey look bangable again

I haven't concerned myself with Mariah Carey very often at all in the last several years. Not that I ever gave much attention to her squeaky voice thing that bugs the shit out of me, but there was a time when she was pretty damn hot. That hotness made the ear-shattering screeches she substitutes for real music somewhat easier to overlook. Then the passage of years and marriage and...

Mariah Carey might not have a high C anymore, but her double D's are just fine

Looks like a banner week for thick hotties in bikinis. I'm down with that. This time around it's Mariah Carey emerging from a little ocean dip onto her no doubt expansive, expensive and luxurious yacht in some exclusive part of the Italian Riviera. Mariah might be far removed from her days as a svelte hottie squeaking out those glass-breaking high c-notes, but I kind of like her new curves....

The Sexy Ten Spot: Gorgeous Golden Goddess

The Oscars are headed our way (or the Academy Awards, if you're snooty like that) and there's going to be a lot of talk about the gold getting given away. So I went in search not for those who have won gold in the past (although there's one in there) or those who are nominated (one of those too) but rather some of the women who look more fetching in gold than any naked dude holding a sword does.

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