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Sexy TwitPics: Best of February 2015

Posing in the image above is the lovely, limber Izabel Goulart, who rounded out last month's round-up of TwitPics , so it only makes sense to let her kick things off this time around. February can be an odd time of year if you're on the hunt for hotties revealing portions of skin via social media, which is my cup of tea, as you know. The two weeks leading...
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Sexy TwitPics: The Best of 2014

It's the end of a year, a time which some may find appropriate or humbling to observe photographs of the events which took place over the last 12 months. Since this is MovieHotties, I think the spontaneous and unforgiving world of social media will serve us just right. 2014 was a surprisingly substantial year for a column such as this, mainly because of how many hotties...
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Sexy TwitPics: Hottest of October 2014

October 2014 has come to a close, and now it's time to wave goodbye in the most tasteful way possible... with a collection of the month's sexiest social media pickings from hot celebrities (and relative unknowns). As expected, this year's Halloween brought us plenty of creative/skimpy costumes, so naturally, a good portion of this gallery will be dedicated...
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It's St. Patrick's Day, so here's a whole bunch of hotties in green!

Our favorite annual excuse for getting belligerently drunk on a weeknight is finally here. That's right, kiddos, it's St. Patrick's Day! What was once intended to be an important religious holiday is now generally celebrated with two key ingredients: alcohol and the color green. And on this, the holiest of days, we here at MovieHotties like to have a little fun with that...
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Sexy TwitPics: Mariann Gavelo

Most of those who've stumbled upon this column right now are probably thinking "who the f*ck is Mariann Gavelo ?", as well they should. You may have seen her in CASA DE MI PADRE and an episode of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia", but the chances of you actually remembering her are pretty slim. Still, she's a working actress with an Instagram account, and she's practically in a...
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