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The Top 10 Hottest Captain America Babes

For a clean cut, All-American guy from the 1940's, it's probably no shock that Captain America is surrounded by a bevy of hot beauties. What's harder to believe, although that belief might be jaded by our over-sexualized current atmosphere, is how ol' Steve has managed to stay so virginal over the years. With CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR giving us more screen time with the star-spangled hero,...
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Hot or Not: Marisa Tomei

I was a bit surprised that a large number of people last week voted not on Julia Roberts, citing both her earlier years and current ones in their determination. I would have though that more people would have had at least some small embers burning for the former Pretty Woman. This week is a bit harder from which to pull from recent releases. I can't ever suggest that ScarJo might...
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BOTB Neo-Noir Hotties: Eva Mendes vs Marisa Tomei vs Michelle Monaghan

When it comes to hitwomen, it seems as if the DOMINO talents of Keira Knightley are hard to best, based on your responses from last week. As much as women who fight are supreme in their field, those who know when to drop their lashes and look at you through the sultry filter are pretty swell too. In honour of the release of NIGHTCRAWLER this week, here are a few of the actresses from...
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Marisa Tomei is making the 50-year old thing look easy

Funny how Madonna is only about 6 years older than Marisa Tomei , who will be turning 50-years old this upcoming December and the difference in age might as well be light years. Tomei, who posed for this photo shoot with photographer Pamela Hanson at some point recently, I don't know when and I don't care because I really like these pictures, has been cranking out movies as she's gotten...
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Flashback Friday: 50 might really be the new 30 for this year's crop of Quinquagenarians

I've heard some folks around the interwebs mentioning the apparently startling revelation that various famous folks turn 50 in 2014. Most of those commenting on this are people like myself, who were alive and can easily recall days past when these celebs were young vibrant. The thing about it is that entering into their 6th decade isn't really doing anything to harm or otherwise degrade...
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The Top Ten Hottest Babes over 40

Call the the top ten hottest women in Hollywood over the age of 40 who AREN'T Halle Berry. I am missing a ton here, I know that, as women continue to maintain and retain their looks much longer than those from the past, but ugly on the inside just didn't trump it for me in this installment of the Sexy Ten Spot. Sorry Halle, might want to work on some crazy crunches instead of your abs. And on...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Heather Graham

I'm sitting here thinking about it and I honestly can't think of a flick that Heather Graham was in where she didn't look knockout gorgeous. Go ahead. Try it. You can't right? Pretty impressive. Needless to say I'm going with Graham for today's Hottie Clip of the Day. What clip am I choosing? Decisions decisions.. I'm going with one of my personal faves - the Red Sox cleavage scene...
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New Video: MovieHotties Stripper Tribute!

I've only been to a strip club once in my life, and there's a reason I never went back. Aside from the dirty atmosphere, douchebag bouncers and a twenty dollar Tennessee Honey, the strippers themselves were just unpleasant to watch. When they smiled with their pearly greens, I could sense some bottled-up anger. I started to recognize some of their faces from old milk cartons. I guess...
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Marisa Tomei has a little more to say about being hot

More magazine looks like something for the cougar/MILF demographic, but lately it's seemed like a method of updating folks who don't read magazines on the current hotness of women who we used to lust after 20+ years ago. Last time around it was Christina Applegate , now it's Marisa Tomei . Both of them are looking pretty good I must say, but I want to see how Marisa looks in that flowery...
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Battle of the Babes #232: John C Reilly's Babes Battle

I haven't been all excited about the movies which have been getting released recently but for whatever itch at the back of my brain, I really want to go see WRECK-IT RALPH . I suppose it's because I'm old enough to remember when we could go to the arcade and play these low bit games. Maybe because it's nice that John C Reilly has become such a big name that he's recognizable by voice...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Marisa Tomei

To this day one of my favorite actresses is the lovely Marisa Tomei. I've been a huge fan of the Academy Award winner for years and have always thought she was one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. That opinion hasn't changed much today so I've decided to pick Tomei as today's Hottie Clip of the Day! What scene will we be using? A sexy little scene featuring Tomei from the...
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Emma Watson casts a love spell on us all on Letterman

Man, I did not think when I first layed eyes on the Wookie-headed Hermoine in HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE however many years ago that she'd be worthy of so much attention on a site such as this years later. Emma Watson made another stunning guest appearance on Letterman last night to talk about THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER . While Emma is certainly "perky", and her beauty is...
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