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Hottie Clip of the Day: Hanna Alstrom

After tinkering with the dynamics of mutant teenagers in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, director Matthew Vaughn went back to the land of violence and vulgarity in KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE (which was released on home video this week). I don't know what's more suprising: that Vaughn would return to an Icon Comics property instead of sticking with Marvel, or that an...
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January Jones is being a mom and staying mum on father of her son

Well, if we had some Zach Galifianis news yesterday, it seems only fitting that there's a smidge of January Jones gossip as well. Right before getting pregnant with son Xander, Jones went out and mingled with THE HANGOVER star and cozied up to him at some event. Not taking it well is the definition of what came out of Galifianakis' mouth afterwards, where he pretty much said that he would...
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