Sexy TwitPics: May 2014

We're getting close to our 100th edition of "Sexy TwitPics", which makes it a good time to start up a new tradition. There are so many cute, sexy and provocative social media photos popping up on a daily basis, so instead of focusing on one particular hottie each and every week, why not dedicate one of those weeks to the "Best TwitPIcs of the...

Can you stay conscious in all this Adriana Lima heat?

Adriana Lima is one of those beauties that I've been head over heels for for quite some time now. When she first started becoming popular through the whole Victoria's Secret thing, I remember wondering how it was possible women could be that insanely gorgeous. It would literally keep me up at night. I'm happy to report that not a thing has changed (except for her getting married and having...

Emma Stone makes for one hot hipster in Vogue

I'll always remember sneaking into SUPERBAD with my friends in high school and seeing Emma Stone for the first time. I thought she was so damn gorgeous and she was basically written to be perfect and fall into the category of every guy's dream girl in a way that only R rated sex comedies could do. Imagine my surprise when I saw any interviews or late night talk show appearances with her...

Dakota Fanning does her best Chloe Sevigny impression for Wonderland magazine

Here's the thing: I cannot decide if I find Dakota Fanning attractive now that she's of legal age. I wasn't sure she was all that cute of a child actress when she first appeared in I AM SAM, but I was impressed by her talent. When I watched her as Cherie Curry in THE RUNAWAYS, I thought she looked pretty good in that spadex, '70's stuff, the feathered hair and even the skimpy lingerie on...

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