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The Top Ten Celebrity Train Wrecks of 2014

Each year promises a new influx of sad, stupid, annoying, ridiculous and even criminal turns for the folks in celebrity circles. It can be a strange and sometimes frustrating thing, watching the lives and careers of famous folk go off the rails before a morbidly curious crowd of media onlookers. That's because celebrities almost always do their best to make themselves look good. Yet like any...

Sharpen your hating skills with some see thru Kardashian ass pics

The last few weeks have seen Kim Kardashian , aka the woman you love to hate, making a concerted effort to shove the more sensitive parts of her anatomy into the media's face at every possible occasion. I've done my best to ignore her efforts, because I know how butt hurt many of you become at the sight of her. Unfortunately, ignoring Kim doesn't work. It's like ignoring the killer bee hive...

Carol Vorderman is a Fifty-Something hottie in a tight yellow dress

How about we swing the dials from a young Hollywood chick to an 50+ British bird? I have no clue who Carol Vorderman is other than the fact that she is wearing a way-tight yellow dress and nude-colored stiletto heels and looking like a brick-f*cking-house walking. If I research her just a little bit more I find out that she recently broke her nose after tripping up in her trademark high heels...

Top 10 Celebrity Train Wrecks of the Year

The celebs were careening into self destruction like mad people this year. There was carnage done to careers, fortunes, public perceptions - even humanity's faith in trusted institutions was shaken, all thanks to the notorious exploits of the 10 select human train wrecks presented here for your ridicule and condemnation. Some of these names you've seen mentioned before in such lists, some you...

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