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Dakota Johnson brings her bikini bod out of the shade in Sicily

She clearly didn't inherit her mother's famous WORKING GIRL rack but that doesn't mean Dakota Johnson looks anything less than fit in her vacation bikini. I'm sure that Don & Melanie's little girl needs her relaxation before the deluge of sexually frustrated women comes pouring down on her when 50 SHADES OF GREY gets released in time for Valentine's Day next year. I've tried reading the...

Hot or Not: Dakota Johnson

Any time that you think that as fanboys and fangirls, your proclivities and interests will always get a project made, I want you to pick up your smartphone and dial up your mama. As you're talking to her, ask what television shows she watches. Ask which books she reads. Then write them all down. Because if a movie or a show of any kind is going to get made that you're sure to rag on...

Top Ten Sexiest Ladies of the '80's

When I was young, I had such a thing for Billy Joel. My mother was concerned, my dad would sit around and play his records with me and I would tell strangers, "I wanna grow up and marry Billy Joel!" I can't remember how old I was at the time, I just recall being too young to know any better, but bizarrely aware enough to get the point. Fixtures from a time when we were young, wishing to be...

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