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Melissa Debling looks like a really good time

I love a woman like Melissa Debling . She's got the kind of body I love, a cute face, she's British and a total slut. You can't go wrong with a combination like that. No barriers to one's imagination there. You don't have to deal with her being too sweet or too cold. She's not the sort who's constantly covered up and thus difficult to imagine out of her body-hiding trench coat. She's also not...

Nuts envisions what the greatest office ever might look like

I hate offices. They're just miserable places where no one wants to be and only choose to endure because they're slightly less inclined to living in a refrigerator box. However, I think I could get used to an office concept like the one Nuts has come up with. What guys haven't wasted a ton of time imagining what their hot coworkers look like out of their business attire? In the Nuts...

Melissa Debling represents the good side of the new permanent summer situation

Some folks out in the east coast enduring your polar vortexes might disagree with me on the notion perpetual summer thing, but you don't know what's happening out here on the west coast. It was damn close to 90 degrees down in LA today. Right now I have all my doors and windows open and the sun is coming in from a clear blue sky. That shit doesn't happen around here in the middle of January....

Melissa Debling represents the hotness of curvy girls

Hey look, it's yet another huge boob Brit model! They just keep coming and coming, don't they? Or maybe we keep coming and coming. Probably a bit of both. This one, Melissa Debling , is a frequently featured model over on that other UK titty periodical, Zoo Magazine. I like Melissa because she's got the sort of frame I most often associate with the large breasted ladies, which is kind of...

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