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The Top Ten Hottest Michael Bay Babes

We're getting a new Michael Bay film spooged onto us this weekend. Let's face it, that's about the best way to describe a Bay film getting released, with the speed, grace and accuracy in which the marketing campaign slams into the movie watching world. Over the years Bay has been predictable to a point of comfort - we know what we're going to get, we know that there's a lot that we're going to...

Melissa George is an international beauty

Aussie hottie Melissa George was at the International Emmy awards last night, looking tasty as usual. I'm so glad she's gone back to her brunette hair. It suits her much better than the blonde. Been watching her BBC/Cinemax show Hunted a lot lately. Not a bad show, really. It's all about a clandestine spy organization wrapped up in the exploits of a secret society, New World Order take over...

Melissa George gets Hunted down at the TCA Summer Press Party

Seems Aussie babe Melissa George has been getting more exposure because she has a new television show to promote. Please, don't everyone get excited now. "Hunted" is a spy show that will be featured on Cinemax. Sadly, not the Cinemax that shows the soft-core porn. Just the Cinemax that is trying to branch off and be a little more like HBO and Showtime and reel in more viewers who might be...

Aussie hottie Melissa George is poking out from both ends in her tight dress

Here's one of my favorite hotties who never gets enough attention. Not sure what Melissa George was up to that required her to get into this seductive number she was wearing in Beverly Hills yesterday, but it's certainly making a nice showing of some of my favorite aspects of her. As with most women, I find her much better suited to her natural brunette hair. She also does better with her...

ScreenCaps: Melissa George

Melissa George You ever see that movie where Melissa George is all confused and gets her ass kicked? Probably, because that's every film Melissa George stars in. These three for sure. Check out caps of her bewildered, bruised up body below in A LONELY PLACE TO DIE, TRIANGLE, and THE BETRAYED.

Melissa George sparkles at the BAFTAs

Australian hottie Melissa George was at the BAFTA awards last night, looking hot in her tight and sparkly gown. I'm continually impressed with Melissa whenever I see her, which just further baffles me as to why she doesn't have a bigger presence around my neck of the woods. She'll show up occasionally, doing a high profile movie, or a TV show for only a season or two. Then she goes away...

We don't see enough of Melissa George

Melissa George is a hot little Australian import that doesn't get as much attention as she deserves here in the states. Then again, it's entirely possible that I've missed a lot of the stuff she's done, as much of it is TV work and I am notoriously picky about the TV I watch. I particularly enjoyed her performance on HBO's In Treatment a few years back. For those who may not have seen it,...

Costume Gala Hotties

What is the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala that is held every year? I seriously have no idea but it just looks like a HUGE gathering of A-list celebrities who dress up and come to someplace to I guess just look at each other? Not that I really care since all I want to know is who attended did they look smokin' hot. The answer to that question is "yes" multiple times as a...

Oscar Hotties '09 - Red Carpet

Well everybody, that's it! The show is over and I think we had a pretty damn good awards show this year as the 81st Annual Academy Awards has officially wrapped up. For the most part, I was very happy with the winners (even if Mickey Rourke was robbed by Sean Penn) and even happier with the show itself. Hugh Jackman was a pretty decent host even though the musical bits were...

Globes Hotties - Red Carpet

Hello everybody and welcome to the coverage of the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards which took place last night. I have to honestly say that last night was probably one of the best Golden Globe ceremonies in recent memory and there were many reasons for that I believe. First off, the winners were absolutely fantastic and there was really no question since all the...

More Pin-Up Hotness

OMG... I can't even begin to get into how hot all of these pictures are. From Lauren Graham to Tea Leoni to the incredible Gina Gershon and even the other twin, Ashley Olsen. I need to post these and then walk away or my head is going to explode. Remember that you can pick up photographer Timothy White's pin-up poses book from Amazon for a sweet price. And I know it's going on my Xmas wish...

Hottie Clip #325

Melissa George Nude - "DARK CITY" (NSFW)

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