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Josie Bissett is a name I haven't heard of since the '90's but she's still hot

Right before the show turned into a mega-success with the addition of Heather Locklear to the cast, the original "Melrose Place" almost went down in flames as fast as the reboot did. The summer that they were gearing up to angle with the Locklear, the show filmed scenes in my hometown and I got to see Josie Bissett in person, throwing spaghetti sauce on that douche who played her...
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Classic Hotties: Heather Locklear

For children of the 80s, it's difficult to grasp how 30+ years could have passed since Heather Locklear showed up on the scene. Then again, such disbelief over the passage of time applies to just about everything from those days. Heather was one the cutest, most glamorous beauties ever to strut her luscious ass around in feathered hair. Very much the epitome of the stereotypical...
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If I were a dude, I'd still wanna do Lisa Rinna, is that Bazaar?

She's been kicking around long enough that Harry Hamlin's wife will be turning 50 later this year and she's hit up every possible angle in life that's been offered to her. She was a cheerleader from middle school through high school, managed to excel at tennis and snow skiing, of all things. One of the few women to pose nude and pregnant in 1998 for Playboy. She's appeared on one of the longest...
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