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Anne Hathaway wears metallic like a boss at NY premiere of The Intern

I was looking through these pictures of Anne Hathaway in her metallic dress with the sheer panel and strategically placed sequins over her right breast wondering if any nip-slip shots would get captured... and then I realized that we've already see her breasts a multitude of times. Not that I can't appreciate just how lovely Anne looks for the New York premiere of THE INTERN . The movie...
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Laura Vandervoort is just another perfect blonde in Cliche magazine

After finding a comfortable place to be her perfect blonde self on television on the CW show "Smallville," it was with heavy hearts that we not only bid adieu to the whole cast of that show in 2011 but to its Supergirl, Laura Vandervoort as well. While Vandervoort kicked around for a couple of years trying to get a good foothold into the movie acting thing, appearing in THIS IS WAR and TED,...
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Meagan Good forgoes a bra at the London premiere of Anchorman 2

Meagan Good went without a bra when she attended the red carpet premiere of ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES but I'm not really certain that that was the best thing for the actress to do. Normally Good looks pretty damn phenomenal but with her hefty cleavage she sporting what appears to be cleavage that doesn't see support on a regular basis based on the droop of those breasts. Wearing a...
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