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Suelyn Medeiros is the new sexiest Easter Bunny

When I showed you Micaela Shaefer's bunny costume , I erroneously thought there wouldn't be any other takers for the title of sexiest Easter costume. Clearly I underestimated the universal appeal of hotties for bunny outfits, because the bouncy Suelyn Medeiros has come in at the 11th hour and stolen Micaela's crown. Though most of these pics are more of the Playboy variety of bunny, the...
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Another holiday, another opportunity for Micaela Schaefer to get slutty

The last time we saw German model and attention machine Micaela Schaefer , she was wearing some scant, seemingly homemade Christmas outfit in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Now that it's Valentine's Day, she's decided to change things up and wear some scant, seemingly homemade Valentine's outfit in front of the Brandenburg Gate. She's so unpredictable. I don't know how all you German folks...
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