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Flashback Friday: Where did Catherine Zeta-Jones go?

Moving is a great excuse to go through that DVD/Blu-Ray rack (or in my case, racks) and thin out one's movie collection, separating the impulse buys and stuff you've outgrown, from the must have essentials and rare treasures. This was what I did during my recent move. For some strange reason, I found myself tossing out a lot of movies from the 90s - stuff I used to like 10 or 15 years...
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Blake Lively, Freida Pinto and Rose Byrne make for a wonderful three way

Whenever these fashion weeks or fashion shows take place, it's always easy to find a hottie by herself, with a boyfriend or at the very least, with a bunch of chicks who aren't really as famous, but still pretty hot themselves. Isn't it cool, then, that we get not one, but three mega hotties sitting together at the fashion show? All in all, it's an awesomely diverse group of hotties. In one...
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Top Ten Hottest Teacher's Pets

It's September, bitches! That means back to school... for most of you, that having actually happened 2 or more weeks ago since they keep pushing up the start of school date. Doesn't mean that I can't delve into the creepy and get it on with the hottest teacher's pets that have graced television and movies. No, I'm not considering if the teacher was hot or not, I'm focusing on the hotness of the...
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Sharon Stone gets glitzy on the Cannes red carpet, still looks pretty good

When an actress gets the reputation for being a bitch when she's off camera, she better be able to hold on tight to her looks. Good thing Sharon Stone knows how to put her best foot forward, many years after suffering through a divorce which later went on to claim that she wanted to Botox her son's feet because they stank. (Yeah, Botox goes in more than just crow's feet - it seems some...
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