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Kate Upton's tight stripes look grrrreat at the Michael Kors fashion show

I miss the pre-Fappening Kate Upton . Prior to having her intimate photos hacked and leaked, the bikini model was usually all ear-to-ear grins for red carpet events, enjoying herself like any other twenty-something who'd stumbled into fortune and fame simply by posing for a camera. She's beginning to show small bursts of happiness now that there's a bit of distance since the breach but we're...
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Emmy Rossum certainly is eye-catching in that outfit

Do you guys remember those emo rock bands from the early 2000's? Bands like Evanescence influenced some girls to wear some pretty heavy duty eye makeup and it absolutely drove me f*cking crazy (in a totally good way, I mean). That style of makeup brings all your attention to the wearer's eyeballs and even when they were boring brown (sometimes especially so) made them look deeper, even...
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Bar Refaeli looks angelically white hot at Michael Kors opening

Here's one of my favorite model hotties, Bar Refaeli , at the opening of Michael Kors in Milan. If you're lower middle class, like me, Michael Kors is a brand name for nice clothes and accessories and if you don't know anything about geography, Milan would be found in Lombardy. If you're still lost, Lombardy is in Italy. You just learned three things (I know I did)! In any case, the lady's...
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Hilary Swank is looking like a million while she goofs with designer Michael Kors

My, my, Hilary Swank , aren't you looking drop-dead fantastic! While many will say what they will about your looks, I've always been partial to you. People also should consider the fact that you're still one of the top award winners when it comes to acting in movies, something that shouldn't come from undue reason. Looking so fetching in your animal print dress as you played around on the...
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