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Michelle Keegan celebrates 27 years of extreme attractiveness

I'm surprised I haven't heard a plethora of news about this woman already. I'm sure many of you know her and I've definitely heard of her before, but dear God. How have I seen Jack Nicholson's ass and not hers? Goddamn you, SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE. Eh. Some things in life I suppose I'll never know. Anyway, in case you're not caught up to speed yet, this lovely lady's name is Michelle Keegan ,...

Michelle Keegan is a British heartbreaker you might want to look out for

There was some commentary about how the Top 25 babes of 2012 was "monochromatic." The hard, cold fact of the matter is that what sells well in the United States also happens to bring in millions in foreign sales as well. What does this mean from a culture standpoint? Am I just not as educated as I should be on the women of color from other countries? Are their movies funded by movie production...

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