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Hot or Not: Michelle Yeoh

It seems that both critics and average movie goers alike weren't all that keen on WAR DOGS, but the sunny side is that you guys are solidly on board with seeing more of its hot lady, Ana de Armas, who garnered big love in last week's Hot or Not. Jessica Alba isn't the only lady making time with Jason Statham in this week's MECHANIC: RESURRECTION , giving us a chance to evaluate (or...
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The Top Ten Hottest Movie Cops

With the reboot of ROBOCOP hitting the theaters next week, with its upgrades in tactical goodness (now in black!) and added good looking charm (Weller is still close to my heart but Kinnaman is closer to my loins), I thought it might be a good time to look over some of the hotter female cops (and FBI and DEA and whatever - give a girl a break on the semantics here) who have graces the silver...
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