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New Bond babe Lea Seydoux loads up on the cleavage for loaded

New Bond girl Lea Seydoux has an interview and a cleavage heavy spread in this month's loaded magazine, wherein she talks about SPECTRE, her fondness for nudity and her dark thoughts. Sounds like a fun night. I've been fascinated with Lea ever since MIDNIGHT IN PARIS. I think Woody Allen understood that one could hardly do better than Lea for a hottie with that quintessential French...
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French hottie Lea Seydoux proves that the French really know how to make movies

I've been fascinated with Lea Seydoux since MIDNIGHT IN PARIS where she was Luke Wilson's character's little thrift shop girl crush. There's just something fantastic about those French girls. I don't know what the hell it is about that place that produces such incredible women, but there it is. Lea is at Cannes with her friend and fellow Frenchwoman Adèle Exarchopoulos for the premiere of...
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