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Hilary Duff is in the market for more than just butt pants

Apparently the paps are so eager to get a Hilary Duff ass shot that they're following her into stores now? I suppose I can understand their desire. I'd probably go to any length to get an eyeful of Hilary in a set of tight leggings as well. How fortunate then that her shirt is hiked up just enough to give them a decent ass shot. I'm sure that was just an accident. Uh huh....
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Hilary Duff dresses up as a sexy little mouse for an early Halloween

I'm trying to figure out the connection between Hilary Duff's cute little sexy mouse costume and her hubby Mike Comrie's choice of being a doctor. Perhaps the two of them were supposed to be a demented version of Pinky and the Brain while they attended the Casamigos Halloween party at Mike Meldman's home on Friday. I understand that while many normal people have to push their Halloween...
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