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Have a little more of Lily James loveliness

It's kinda startling how fast actress Lily James has begun to grow on me. It's only with all this recent CINDERELLA promotion that I even knew she existed. Well, that's not exactly true. She was in WRATH OF THE TITANS and she's also in Downton Abbey. Unfortunately I hated WRATH and forgot the vast majority of it 10 minutes after I left the theater. I'm also not much for historical British...

Rita Ora performs shirtless in Milan during fashion week

There are some who might be a bit too quick in trying to compare the exotic beauty Rita Ora to a certain trying-too-hard American singer, just because Ora took to a Milan fashion show stage and performed wearing a cowgirl hat, bra and denim. I say that she's more closely related to the old school look of Madonna (which is interesting, seeing as how the Material Matron hired Rita to be the...

Katy Perry's little old Jewish lady look got booed off a Milan stage

I don't think I'm feeling all that welcoming of the look that Katy Perry has been trying to pull off lately, having gotten accustomed to seeing her in short shorts, tight latex dresses and all other sorts of cleavage revealing outfits. This short bobbed severe black hair thing she's doing, coupled with the extremely ugly black with gold accents look is not high on my personal...

Alison Brie captivates fanboys all the way from a fashion show in Milan

I know you all love you some Alison Brie and no matter how many times I even try to gently suggest that she's definitely cute and at times quite pretty but nowhere near the faint-inducing, riled-up-posts-on-the-internet-toward-anyone-who-speaks-vaguely-ill-of-her hot adoration level that gets pointed in her directing. I've learned to shrug my shoulders and continue to bring you as...

Bar Refaeli looks angelically white hot at Michael Kors opening

Here's one of my favorite model hotties, Bar Refaeli , at the opening of Michael Kors in Milan. If you're lower middle class, like me, Michael Kors is a brand name for nice clothes and accessories and if you don't know anything about geography, Milan would be found in Lombardy. If you're still lost, Lombardy is in Italy. You just learned three things (I know I did)! In any case, the lady's...

Yes, Cate Blanchett, you are a beauty in the Milan wonderland

Somewhere in the middle of last week I must have had my head so far up in the clouds to have overlooked Cate Blanchett's appearance in Milan for the Spring 2014 Line of Fashion Week. The 44-year old Aussie MILF approached the Beauty in Wonderland Exhibit looking very much like a vision out of a 'shroom trip that Alice would make. It's seemingly improbable for a woman to look as good as...

Jamie Chung is a visual paradise at the Eden premiere

It seems like every time I come across pictures of Korean-American hottie Jamie Chung at some event, she looks even better than the last time. This time around, she was at the L.A. premiere of EDEN, the new film in which she stars and I cannot find any other information on. Judging by the microphones she's being interviewed with, I'd guess it's a foreign film, so there's no telling where...

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