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Melissa Benoist goes from leaked pics backlash to red carpet Whiplash

I honestly didn't even know who this girl was until I saw her pictures at the red carpet premiere of "that new Miles Teller flick," WHIPLASH and thought, "Hey, she's cute! I wonder what else she's been in?!" and Googled her to find that the first links were all discussing her being one of The Fappening's victims. Melissa Benoist is a 26-year old actress...
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Shailene Woodley looks titular at the screening of her latest movie The Spectacular Now

I understand that the brewing and festering of the internet has not been huge on approving Shailene Woodley and her casting as Mary Jane in upcoming THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2. However, I'd like to point out that A) Shailene has NOT been confirmed as Mary Jane even though there have been on-set images of her and B) she's confirmed to be in THE SPECTACULAR NOW alongside Miles Teller and...
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