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Hottie Clip: Laura Prepon, Mila Kunis & Jessica Simpson on That 70's Show

It's a bizarre, terrifying reality that one of my favorite all-time sitcoms, That '70's Show , premiered almost 18 years ago, especially since the show regularly poked fun/paid tribute to the era which ended 18 years prior. It's even scarier that some people I know claim the series was "before their time", yet they have the hots for Laura Prepon in...
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Sexiest Hottie Movie Characters of 2013!

If you're here, chances are you have a fondness for movies, or perhaps even more so, a fondness for hotties. We like to keep tabs on all sorts of hot actresses and their public appearances, photoshoots, etc., but we rarely ever get to focus on the characters they play in the movies. Who are these characters? They have personalities too, y'know? There were a lot of memorable hottie roles for...
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Mila, Rachel and Michelle's combined hotness is Great and Powerful at the Oz premiere

What do you get when you cross Marilyn Monroe, Meg Griffin, and a total MILF? The female cast of OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL , of course! In just a few weeks, we'll be able to decide if Sam Raimi's created a masterpiece, or if he's vastly paddling through the white waters of the Tim Burton River (heading straight for the waterfall leading to Farrelly Brothers Cove). Frankly, I'm not...
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