There's no escaping Lake Bell's red hot siren look at her movie premiere

I love Lake. You have to imagine me saying it like Brick declares his affection for lamp in ANCHORMAN but it's no joke. I love me some Lake Bell . She's tough and she's ballsy and she's so talented that even when she's in roles that you want to strangle her over (say, her inclusion in the NetFlix series bringing WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER to the small screen), you end up nodding your head over...

Cortney Palm debuts her Zombeaver at Tribeca

Cortney Palm has dropped the U from the spelling of her name because after you take one look at her resume, U won't be the same again. Cheesy joke but still, with titles such as SUSHI GIRL, IT'S NOT A DATE and ZOMBEAVERS under her belt, Palm might just be the next big thing in B-movie scream queens. Add to that the fact that she's booked work in more high profile stuff such as THE PURGE:...

Nikki Reed was Tribeca's very sexy It Girl

Long before she was known as just another character in the TWILIGHT saga of shitty films, Nikki Reed was a babe on the verge of being the indie movie goddess by which all of the girls of the 2000's were supposed to set their cool quotient to. Does anyone remember not just how great Reed was in THIRTEEN but that she was a contributing writer to the script at the tender age of 15? I...

Aly & AJ Michalka are dead sexy for photography Stephen Ringer

The Michalka sisters seem to have issues with deciding what to call themselves. While the sisters were performing as a pop duo, they garnered and became known through their nicknames, Aly & AJ Michalka , however, as they've moved on to acting careers and tried to be slightly more independent of one another, they've pulled out their given names, Alyson and Amanda Michalka . Who honestly cares?...

I don't know if this is surprising or not, but Cindy Crawford is still ridiculously hot

Even when I was a kid and thought that girls had cooties, I thought Cindy Crawford was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. Before I had the concept of moles or beauty marks or whatever people feel comfortable calling them, it looked like a little piece of chocolate that I wanted to lick off her lip for hours. Okay, maybe that could have very easily landed her in prison, but it...

Kate Upton gets in the Movember spirit with Team Gillette

One of my favorite charities promotes the growth of facial hair and honestly, can you think of a better thing (or more easy??) thing to do to raise money for cancer prevention and awareness? The Movember movement has been taking place every November (cute retitling from a Mo - or mustache) since 2004, when it was first initiated in Australia and New Zealand, once again making those awesome...

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