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How about a little Saturdays' Mollie King on a Friday?

For being only 25-years old and a part of a second-wave Spice Girls sorta girl group (The Saturdays have been shooting high lately with their reality shows and more emphasis on getting members of their group out in front of the public eye), there's something old-school and perhaps just strikingly jolting about Mollie King and her appearance of looking older but not old. Does that make sense?...
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Mollie King of The Saturdays is Cosmo UK's latest covergirl

While Frankie Sandford might be my persoanl favorite member of the UK girl group, The Saturdays, I can't deny that there's an appeal to the blonde Mollie King from the group as well. The UK March edition of Cosmopolitan magazine claims that she's the only single member of the singing group, saying that she's worth sex on more than just a Saturday. Because I don't find the images of her that...
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